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Bike insurance:
It's possible to buy an ANWB bike insurance with us, feel free to contact us about all the possibilities.

Why an ANWB bike insurance?
ANWB is the largest road assistance insurance in the Netherlands, also for the Dutch bikers!
The ANWB bike insurance covers your bike for theft and damage.
As a member you always have a 5 % profit on top of the already low-cost ANWB premium.
That's insurance according ANWB!

ANWB bike insurance at a glance:
New or used bikes, all are very well insured with the ANWB bike insurance.
The insurance covers roadside assistance for electric bikes.
With the ANWB bike insurance you will always have the appropriate coverage.
ANWB bike insurance offers you two choices: Theft, Theft and Damage Plus

The Theft and Damage Plus insurance covers theft and damage to your bike by accident or crash.

Feel free to contact us, we'll be happy to help